World renown Lawyer Stefano Culibrk dies aged 28

  • By Zakiya Afzani

 Lawyer and Political Figure Stefano Culibrk dies aged 28

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World renown Political figure and Lawyer Dr. Stefano Culibrk has died aged just 28.

Dr. Stefano Culibrk rose to fame in 2010 with a series of high profile law suits against the UK government for corruption, war crimes, breaches of international law and abuse.

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As a result Dr. Stefano Culibrk was “disappeared” several times most significantly disappearing in 2011 for two years before being found in intensive care on life support with extensive injuries to almost 100% of his body including head and brain injuries resulting in memory loss.

Dr. Stefano Culibrk never gave up the fight for peace and justice for all. Despite a series of false allegations made against him, physical abuse and almost being killed multiple times Dr. Stefano Culibrk remained positive always helping those oppressed and in need.

Dr. Stefano Culibrk will not only be remembered as a champion of peace and justice for all but also for his writing and painting.

Original Culibrk paintings have already seen sale values jump from $5k-$45k USD to $15k-$300k USD.

Friends and family have asked for privacy at this time and simply refer to Dr. Stefano Culibrk as a respectable, loving, kind Husbad, Son, Friend and Brother who would never hurt a fly. Big happy dreams of peace and happiness for all was his life long work and ambition.

The cause of death has not officially been released with rumours and speculation pointing the finger firmly at his political career as a possible cause.

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