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Eid Mubarak

By Zakiya Afzani  Eid Mubarak Al-Sahawat Times | Ethical Global News from Oman and UAE | Donate HERE This story is available on: APPLE NEWS | GOOGLE NEWS | AL-SAHAWAT TIMES Talk to a journalist: Email: Web: Twitter: @alsahawat_times

Fake News | The global pandemic of Fake News almost brings down governments of Germany and USA

By Aisha Butt  Fake News has destroyed the lives of millions and now threatens governments There are three main categories of Fake News:   Sensationalism:   The creation of totally or partially untrue, misleading or doctored stories with the sole intention of attracting readers.   In print or online the…

Amnesty accuses Saudi Arabia of using illegal weapons in Yemen

By Suliman Karim Hasan bin Safet bin Aladdin Ćulibrk’  Amnesty  International have accused Saudi Arabia of using banned bombs in Yemen The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting anti-government rebels in Yemen stands accused of using banned cluster munition in raids on civilian areas, Amnesty International alledged today.   The Saudi-led coalition…