What do the different types of membership mean?

Tuki’s QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsWhat do the different types of membership mean?
Rashid MalikRashid Malik asked 1 year ago

1) Some members have Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Verified badges in their accounts what does this mean?
2) How do you apply for these?
3) What is the benefit of these?

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Al-Sahawat TimesAl-Sahawat Times Staff answered 1 year ago

1. Member accounts are all uniform when accounts are activated. Over time Al-Sahawat Times can upgrade members to one of the above categories. This is to show other users that information, answers and contributions from these members is reliable, well received by other members and that the user provides reliable information based on their field of expertise.
2. You can not apply for membership upgrade or a verified account. The easiest way to obtain this is to fill out your biography and credentials in your members’ profile and to contribute to Ask Tuki in a productive manner.
3. The benefits are that your contributions will be recognised as highly trust worthy as well as discount rates and offers on Al-Sahawat Times products and services.
NOTE: Misleading use of images, icons or names to deceive others into believing that you have a verified or upgraded membership is a breach of the Terms & Conditions and will result in a ban and your account being deleted with out refund.

Rashid MalikRashid Malik replied 1 year ago