Far Right

Nigel Farage | Lonely and broke

By Haroon Al-Said  Nigel Farage |Lonely and broke UK Politics | The controversial former leader of far right group UKIP gave a deeply personal interview to the BBC.   He told the BBC that his work campaigning to take the UK out of the EU had heavily damaged his personal life….

Marine Le Pen steps down

By Zakiya Afzani Marine Le Pen steps down as face of far-right France The party leader of Frances far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen last night came second in the first round of the French Presidential election, putting her through to the final run-off next week Al-Sahawat Times | Global…

Bosnian far-right attacks #SaffiyahKhan

By Saila Safwana  Hero #SaffiyahKhan attacked by Bosnian far right Saffiyah Khan made international news over the last few days for saving a stranger who was being attacked by EDL far right rioters in Birmingham. Whilst most of the world rallied behind her heroism far right groups in the UK…