Eid Mubarak

By Zakiya Afzani  Eid Mubarak Al-Sahawat Times | Ethical Global News from Oman and UAE | Donate HERE This story is available on: APPLE NEWS | GOOGLE NEWS | AL-SAHAWAT TIMES Talk to a journalist: Email: Web: Twitter: @alsahawat_times

Dramatic Paris Terror Attack fails | Paris Mosque Attack

By Rashid Ahmad  Dramatic Paris Mosque Attack fails |Paris Terror Attack Talking to Al-Sahawat Times French police say they have arrested a man who tried to drive a car into a crowd outside a mosque in the Paris suburb of Créteil on Thursday evening (June 29).   The driver apparently failed to…

European Terrorism NOT linked to Islam

By Zakiya Afzani  Expert counter terror chiefs confirm most European Terrorism is NOT linked to Islam • Dortmund | Financially Motivated • Paris Champs Elysees | Personal vengeance against police • London Westminster | Lone attacker politically motivated targeting politicians   Terror group Da’ish Al-Dawla aka Daesh or as the…