Shortest marriage in history as argument breaks out during wedding service

More by Mark Sinclaire Shortest marriage in history BREAKING NEWS Al-Sahawat Times This story is currently developing. Further updates will follow To be notified of developments as they break TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS Al-Sahawat Times | Ethical Global News from Oman and UAE | Donate HERE  Advertisement – Advertise here from OMR…

Nigel Farage | Lonely and broke

By Haroon Al-Said  Nigel Farage |Lonely and broke UK Politics | The controversial former leader of far right group UKIP gave a deeply personal interview to the BBC.   He told the BBC that his work campaigning to take the UK out of the EU had heavily damaged his personal life….

Father and husband disembowelled by ex-wife

By Paul Stead Birmingham Crown Court saw a gruesome case of disembowelment   Ms Dalya Saaeed, 35, stands trial in Birmingham Crown Court accused of disembowelling and attempting to murder her ex-husband, Bilal Miah, 31, with a carving knife following an intimate moment between the pair. The court heard that…