UK hands out 13, 2 year jail sentences for being a “nuisance”

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  • By Abid Hussain

UK will jail you for two years if you are a nuisance rules judge

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13 men from Leeds in the UK have all been given jail time for being a “public nuisance”.

The average jail term per man was 2 years in custody.

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The ruling following in the UK’s inconsistent and very harsh sentencing form has shocked many around the world.

On Halloween 2016 more than 100 bikers congregated in Kirkstall Road, Leeds before riding into the city centre, allegedly disrupting traffic and driving through a pedestrianised area.

The organiser of the festive event who did not attend himself along with 12 of the riders have been jailed at Leeds Crown Court.

The judge said their actions on 31 October could “not be tolerated”

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said: “This is a case which calls for deterrent sentences. Behaviour of this sort, having serious effects on this city, cannot be tolerated.”

West Yorkshire Police said they received almost 160 calls from the public regarding the event. What exactly ‘almost 160’ means is seemingly open to interpretation.

Following the incident, Leeds City Council secured an injunction banning people from driving of vehicles, including motorbikes and quad bikes, in any public place where it involves two or more vehicles.

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