Records for companies registered in (Region): North America

Records for companies registered in (Nation): USA

Incorporation is the responsibility of State governments and detailed requirements vary according to State law. A legal entity is usually known as a corporation and it’s usual for it to have limited liability for its shareholders. A corporation doing business in another State will need to register there as a ‘foreign’ corporation.

Many States now also have limited liability companies (LLC). The precise definition will vary according to State law but, in general, a limited liability company has a minimal corporate structure, without centralised management. This enables it to have limited liability for its members (who are not shareholders) while being treated as a partnership rather than as a corporation for taxation purposes.

Corporations whose shares are to be traded publicly will also need to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington which maintains an online register.

The amount of information available about United States corporations varies according to State law and in many cases detailed disclosure is optional.

Useful information on business start ups and company registration is available from the US Department of State.

The following are links to departments in each US State:

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