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Al-Sahawat Times is the pioneering champion of Ethics. A treasured member of the world’s largest Ethical multinational corporate group and the first ever Ethical media company. [Corporate Structure]

Al-Sahawat Times is part of IPMG which produces Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Movies, Documentaries, Out Door Media, Academic Literature, Accredited Qualification Courses, Journals, Online News, Digital and Broadcast Media, Outdoor Media, PR and Corporate Consultancy, Education Courses, Training, Licensing, Product Development, Ethics Training, Technology and Research in over 100 countries available in more than 50 languages. 

Al-Sahawat Times produces daily print and digital newspapers and online news world wide in a selection of languages. Out multi-lingual global distribution gives us one of the largest daily audiences on the planet, able to access markets that many would deem closed to them.

All publications and broadcasts are fully licensed and compliant with the laws of each nation of distribution. All of our ISSN registered publications have their content archived with the relevant body where required to do so.

Al-Sahawat Times is 100% independent, never accepting funding or grants from any political party or political cause, this ensures a greater freedom over what we publish and how we engage with our captivated audience, guaranteeing the highest levels of integrity and transparency.

Al-Sahawat Times does not just abide by the global code of ethics for media corporations, we actually wrote them! [Code of Ethics

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Sponsored Articles and Reviews

Digital or Print articles written by professional journalists and produced with the assistance of Al-Sahawat Times’ critically acclaimed editors, graphic designers and PR consultants can be produced and disseminated via all of our digital media platforms to maximize audience. Alternatively your audience may be targeted either demographically or geographically. E.g. you may wish to only publish to subscribers who are for example; over 40, male, and work in the medical sector in an Arabic speaking country, this can easily be done.

Sponsored articles can also be archived, which is highly recommended, the sponsored archives are freely available to be accessed by a wider selection of audiences free of charge and are regularly promoted via Al-Sahawat Times’ and The International Press and Media Group’s social media accounts and our staff accounts. Archives may remain live for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months or indefinitely (minimum guaranteed term of 24 months). Archived articles may also be actively promoted through social media and other sources for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Digital articles are all included in our mobile and tablet apps and may be included on Apple News.

Print versions of your digital article are also available in a variety of languages and nations.

Digital articles may include videos, audio, interviews, links, multimedia and any other information you wish to be included, such as purchase now options allowing purchases directly from within the article. We recommend replacing any Flash script with HTML5 for security reasons and where possible running HTPS SSL certification. 

Series Publications

Either a series of articles to be published at strategic times or a regular column published at a regular interval is available. Advertisements, reviews, articles, podcasts and interviews may also run as a series or column.

Sponsored Interviews and Press Conferences

Interviews with respected and industry specialised journalists are available in the following formats:

  • Live broadcast

  • Film

  • Video/Satalite link

  • Audio

  • Animated

  • Text only

These can be included within other services such as sponsored digital articles or stakeholderships.


Al-Sahawat Times offers by invitation only the opportunity for a stakeholders’ partnership.

Stakeholders have a streamlined mini website of their own within our own websites. These can be used and arranged in which ever way best commercially benefits the stakeholder. Typically these are sites of 1 – 4 pages including multimedia, text, images, links and contact information. Larger, more advanced stakeholder sites can of course be created. 

Professional design assistance is available to what ever extent is required from ‘do it your self’ to total design and management. All stakeholder sites are completely bespoke and reviewed by professional corporate consultants to ensure they are in the best form to maximise return on investment. 

Stakeholders may have their site linked or private in which ever way they wish, from a tab on their own domain to a link, logo, tab or menu on Al-Sahawat Times’ website.

For the duration of the stakeholdership the stakeholder will be licensed to advertised “In partnership with Al-Sahawat Times” , “In partnership with The International Press and Media Group” or “In partnership with IPMG”.

Stakeholders may also make use of a unique email address such as: [YOU] and unique domains such as [YOU]

Stakeholder positions are available for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or 36 months.


Al-Sahawat Times offers a vast array of print and digital adverts running all forms of multimedia, sizes, duration and placement.

All adverts are strategically placed before, in, after or around a relevant news story and targeted for your chosen demographics. They can also be placed in search results and key pages such as Global News, Oman/Qatar/UAE News, Technology News etc. Printed advertisements are available in banner, quarter, half, full, double or quadruple page options. (Including front, back and inside cover options.)

Advertisements can also be placed on Al-Sahawat Times’ licensed Apple News channel.

Supplements and Pull-Outs

Al-Sahawat Times offers print supplements and pull outs on either news-print paper or magazine paper. Supplements and Pull-Outs are available in; 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 page options. 


Al-Sahawat offers television interviews aired on some of the biggest names in international television as well as a variety of Local, National and International Radio interviews.

Specialist production is available for: TV, Radio, Books, Documentaries, Movies and podcasts (Audio and Audio/Visual including animated production). 

Advertise in Movies

Product Placement

Place your brand in front of a global audience, via Cinemas, VOD (video on demand, such as Netflix), Televisions, DVD and Downloads (Digital off-line movies, such as Google Movies and iTunes Movies).

Work with the greats of Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Global and European Film.

Remember the iconic Nokia 8110 from the Matrix movie? Of course you do, the film made the phone so popular that Nokia re-released the phone again 19 years later. Products placed in movies achieve incredible ROIs.

Red Carpet Premiers 

Place your brand on the red carpet to be photographed along with all of the celebrities, actors, producers, directors and glamours.

Movie Posters, Merchandise and Interviews

Place your brand on movie posters, movie merchandise and in interviews with the stars.

Outdoor Marketing | Advertise on the tube (London) and other great global cities

London Underground

Reach millions of people every day in one of the world’s most affluent cities. Use footfall, cell phone and payment data to plan where and at what times to reach your key target demographics.

In carriage tube adverts, platform adverts, escalator adverts and digital screens.

With a wide range of print and digital platforms the London Underground offers one of the highest ROIs in the world.

London Buses

Reach millions of Londoners every day. From rear panels, side panels, giant T-shaped side panels on the iconic two story red London rout master buses, to complete wraps covering every inch of London’s most iconic form of transport.

London Shopping Malls (Westfield’s)

London is home to Europe’s largest and second largest shopping malls, in the from of Westfeild’s two iconic sites.

With a wide range of print and digital screens reach the largest consumer audience in Europe whilst they are at the peak of the impulse shopping experience.

UK Cities

Manchester | Achieve greatness in the northern city of Manchester by featuring on the Manchester tram network.

Liverpool | Liverpool subway trains.

Newcastle | Feature on Newcastle’s public transport and outdoor screens.

Global Icons

UAE – Dubai | Dubai mall screens.

Oman | Muscat Grand Mall screens.

USA – NYC | New York Time Square Screens.

Spain – Barcelona | Barcelona screens and public transport systems.

Italy – Rome | Screens and print media on iconic Rome’s Metro system.

Events, Expos and Conferences

Celebrity Sports Events

Global events from London, New York, Beijing to Monaco from the sports legends ‘London Sporting Club’.

Events full of professional sports starts, agents and high net worth business executives celebrating a universal love of sport.

Tables | Reserve a close intimate table for dinner with the stars

Meet and Greet | Meet and greet your sports heroes one on one.

Event Sponsorship | Place your branding, speakers or merchandise in a close personal space with some of the biggest names in the industry, and the fans and guests attending.

Sports Stars’ Gear | Have your brand worn/used by the stars at high profile sports events.

Websites and Newsletters | Place your brand on the websites and newsletters of some of the world’s best sports brands.

Events and Expos

Stands | Have your own stand at exclusive expos world wide.

Sponsorship | Place adverts and screens at some of the world’s biggest events, festivals and expos.

Custom Events | Host your own event at some of the world’s most iconic venues.

Celebrity Openings / Guest Lecturers / Keynote Speakers

Have a very special guest appearance for your business/event.

Production and Aftercare 

Full, professional production assistance is available for all media options including graphics works and photography.

Through our partner professional linguistic companies Al-Sahawat Times is also able to offer your content in a variety of languages should you see fit. The majority of our digital content is country responsive automatically offering to translate the content into the language of the reader’s browser. Please note automatic translations are machine translations and not human translations.

All clients are assigned a dedicated production team consisting of a personal Project Manager or Campaign Director who will become your primary point of call, journalists, editors, graphic designers and where appropriate; photographers, film, lighting and sound crew etc.

Expiration and Renewals

After a campaign has expired you will be given the opportunity to renew. Renewals will be given a discount on original fees. 

Bespoke Options and Packages

To discuss bespoke options or packages involving multiple forms of dissemination book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

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