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There are an over abundance of Cryptocurrencies around these days and we all know how dangerously volatile they can be.

So when a newcomer claimed to have solved this problem, the world had to stop and look.

The solution is glaringly obvious now it has been created, as is usually the case.

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency 

The lure of Cyrpto is always marketed as ‘the people’s money’.

Anonymous transactions. Although all transactions are stored in a Blockchain Ledger the entries are anonymous. Although not untraceable as all Crypto much be linked to a real world account in order to withdraw from your Crypto wallet, unless you take the risk of relying on third party apps to store you currency undefinable and only ever spend Crypto.

Decentralised, no government regulates the currency. This causes wild volatility but avoids many issues arising from central government control. However being unregulated can also lead to a high level of corruption and bad faith.

How does the Al-Said Dinar differ?

The DIN has remained decentralised and deregulated by governments and central governmental financial institutions but has the added stability of being centralised to an ethical corporate and charitable group.

This means that your ‘crypto wallet’ (a type of virtual bank account all cryptocurrencies are stored in) is held in a standardised format in a central location. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that rely on untested and often unsafe third party wallets, having a central ‘bank’ instead of third party app ‘wallets’ offers safeguards against theft, loss or corruption.

In theory this allows the DIN to easily integrate into the physical world in the form of mobile payments, contactless payment cards and even tangible currency (currently the DIN is available as a 50 para ceramic coin and bank notes are offered as 1 DIN 5 DIN 10 DIN 20 DIN 50 DIN and 100 DIN). If all of the currency is on the same platform and managed by a central ‘bank’ then everything is compatible without risk of unruly third party apps gaining access to the ecosystem. The idea is that just as Amex, Visa or Mastercard are central systems that integrate with all other systems, the DIN is the first cryptocurrency to offer the same, only with an upgrade. Unlike the main three payment cards, DIN does not have a base currency to convert and charge an exchange fee, as DIN itself is a currency and can therefore, in theory simply act as all and any currency you require, auto-exchanging via the central ‘bank’ without a fee.

What are the current benefits of using the Al-Said Dinar, right now?

Still in it’s infancy the DIN is not only a great investment offering the usual astronomical returns that can come from crypto investment, without the same risk. The DIN has found it’s niche with consumers and corporations alike.

For the consumer having the freedom of one universal digital currency that it anonymous, instant and transaction charge free, without requiring any technical skills is a huge draw to the currency. Deposit, transfer or get paid in DIN into your account and you’re good to go to shop, sell, trade and donate as you wish without the need to worry about exchange rates or fees.

For the corporations, having one universal currency for all clients and suppliers eliminates the inevitable exchange losses due to the buy-sell spread, bank charges and commission fees.

How do I open an account or pay using DIN? How much money could I save each month?

Sign up right here

A typical current account in Europe charges the equivalent of $12 USD/month and pays little to no interest.

An Al-Said Central Bank account in Al-Said Dinar charges the equivalent of $0.28c/month and pays cash rewards for account activity as well as quarterly bonuses for maintaining a minimum balance.

You can open an account in any country, the minimum balance to open an account is only 1 DIN and you can open an anonymous account ‘depositing and withdrawing’ via paypall to remain anonymous.


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