UK Conservative party in hot water over “Islam is threat to Britain” comments

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The UK Conservatives face backlash over latest screw up

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The Conservative party may be the UK’s ruling party, but many are questions how right now. Many are questioning how and why the Tories are in power following a series of serious international diplomatic crisis, domestic ruin after admitting Brexit has caused the UK to officially enter a recession and endless leaks and controversial remarks from party leaders such as Boris Johnson referring to homosexual men as “tank top wearing bum boys”. (Read More.)

UK statistics and polling body, YouGov, have conducted parliamentary polls, which gives a gauge pf the extent of far right extremism and racism in the government, as well as a gauge as to the bias and priorities of parliamentary majorities.

Over half of Conservative Party members believe Islam is “generally a threat to the British way of life” and that “Trump would make a good prime minister of the UK”, a new poll has revealed.

The YouGov survey also found that 58 per cent of Tory party members believe the death penalty should be allowed for certain crimes, against 37 per cent who do not back the return of capital punishment.

Conservative Party members’ votes:

“Islam is a general threat” 56%

“Capital Punishment (hanging people) should be brought back” 58%

“Donald Trump would make a good PM for the UK” 54%

‘Ethic diversity has damaged Britain’ 42%

‘Climate change is exaggerated‘ 46%

Some 56 per cent of members surveyed said Islam was ‘generally a threat’ to the British way of life, while just 22 per cent thought it was ‘generally compatible’.

The findings come as the party struggles to shake off accusations it has failed to deal with Islamophobia.

On Mr Trump’s leadership, 54 per cent said they believed he would make a good prime minister of the UK, with 43 per cent saying he would be bad.

Commissioned for Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, the survey also found that 42 per cent of members thought that having people from a wide variety of racial and cultural backgrounds has damaged British society.

One of the members of the Boris Johnson supporters group said: ‘I would ban all Muslim (sic) from entering the whole of Great Britain.’

A member of the Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation Society said: ‘Two mega mosques agreed planning permission in Maidstone and Worcester, how we feel about this?’ Another person posted: ‘WRONG.’

The poll also revealed scepticism about the dangers posed by climate change, with 46 per cent of Tory members saying concerns about climate change had been exaggerated, while 45 per cent said the danger is every bit as real as scientists have said.

Some 49 per cent of members said schools should not be required to educate children about LGBT relationships, and 51 per cent thought most people on benefits could get a job if they tried hard enough.

Party members will be choosing the next party leader and prime minister.

A Conservative spokesperson said: ‘Those people making these posts that we have found to be members of the party, have been suspended pending investigation.’

‘Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong and will not be tolerated.’

Mr Rees-Mogg said the Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation Society Facebook group is not an official supporters’ group, adding: ‘I absolutely condemn such behaviour.

‘Anyone who behaves in such a way is not one of my supporters and should be reported.’

Miqdaad Versi, a spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), last month revealed he had documented ‘hundreds of cases’ showing Islamophobia in Tory ranks.

The MCB has submitted more than 20 pages of evidence to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, urging independent investigators to launch an official probe into accusations within the party.

The revelations follow a series of diplomatic disasters with the UK falling out with USA, Canada, China and Iran. (Read More.)

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