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  • By Tim Derbyshire 

Young Lawyer Stefano Culibrk takes UK to court over war crimes, abuse and corruption

Culibrk, 22, a young solicitor from London has launched one of the largest legal cases ever seen against a nation by an individual.

The papers include evidence of over three-thousand allegations against the United Kingdom.

Man vs Nation

The battle of morals

The allegations include war crimes, police abuse and police corruption, breaches of human rights, breaches of international law, military corruption and abuse as well as international corruption involving arms deals among other things.

At this early stage there is no guarantee that the papers will be accepted by the UK or European courts. The reports however contain disturbing evidence of a signifiant number of institutional corruption and abuse allegations.

Alarm has been raised over safety concerns for the young lawyer come political activist with advisors and backers of the case stating they now fear for his personal safety.

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