Netherlands issues travel warning for Turkey

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  • By Sharafat Rafiq 

 Netherlands issues travel warning to Dutch nationals in Turkey

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The Dutch Foreign Minister announced today in what the Netherlands called an “Urgent travel terror allert” that it believes it’s citizens in Turkey may not be safe.

“Stay alert, avoid crowded places and gatherings, return to the Netherlands if possible”

The Dutch government called for all citizens in Turkey to remain highly vigilant, to avoid gatherings and crowded places and to return home to the Netherlands if possible.

What caused the problem

  • Turkey is soon to hold a referendum to bring the Turkish constitution and political structure into closer alignment with the federal systems of the USA and German.
  • The EU by some majority of members who have commented, are opposed to the idea as this will give President Erdogan greater autonomy over the selection of key officials than he currently has. In fact t will give the same level of authority and autonomy that President Trump has.
  • Large numbers of Turkish ntionals and expats in The Netherlands and Germany are legally eligible to vote.
  • Turkish official diplomats and ministers wanted to address the Turkish citizens in The Netherlands with regards to their voting rights as expats.
  • The Netherlands and Germany blocked such rallies.
  • The Netherlands blocked Turkish diplomats from entering the country and forcibly deported an official female Turkish Minister.
  • Turkish citizens in The Netherlands help a weekend of peaceful protests
  • Dutch police used military grade gas, water Cannon and batons on the protesters causing serious injuries.
  • Turkey barred entry in the country for Dutch ministers and diplomats.
  • Turkey said it would consider its agreements with the EU potentially returning over 1 million refugees to the EU.
  • The Netherlands urges it’s citizens in Turkey to come home.

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