Boaty McBoatface gets a Swedish brother, Trainy McTrainface

  • By Zakiya Afzani

 Boaty McBoatface meet Trainy McTrainface

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When the UK let the public vote on a name for a new Navy ship, they British democracy voted overwhelmingly for one name.

Boaty McBoatface.

The UK government did not uphold it’s promise to use the name and rejected the public vote.

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However Sweden has not schooled the UK in democracy by allowing the public to vote on a name for a new prestigious train.

With 49 % of the vote more than almost any western democratic leader gets in a majority victory election, Sweden chose a name.

Trainy McTrainface.

Sweden have honoured the public vote and officially named the train system, yes you guessed it, Trainy McTrainface.

Would you let you staff vote on a name for a product or service?

One small company in London that sells fast food told Al-Sahawat Times how they let their staff choose their own job titles with one of their shift managers choosing “Captain poopdeck of party town”. A title that was voted on by the shift team members and officialy now used.

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