UAE and UK team up for ground breaking drug and alcohol rehabilitation program

  • By Saila Safwana

UAE and UK in Narconon program

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Al-Sahawat Times has been following Narconon throughout 2017, a UK based non-for-profit, ground breaking drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that is taking the UAE by storm.

The Narconon programme is a precise, step-by-step regiment that addresses many different aspects of addiction to assist individuals seeking to overcome its adverse effects for themselves and those around them.

Overcoming drug addiction can seem daunting to the individuals, families and associates. Many addicts go through multiple rehab programmes—28-day or 12-step programmes—only to return to drug use.

The Narconon programme is different. It is not a 28-day programme and does not use substitute drugs. It is not a 12-step programme. It does not require faith or belief.

Narconon believes that addiction is neither inherited nor an incurable disease that requires indefinite treatment. Nor does Narconon believe that an addict is an addict for life. Our programme consists of unique procedures intended to assist addicts to overcome drug or alcohol dependencies and their damaging effect.

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You can contact Narconon directly or on behalf of a relative or friend you are concerned about.

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