La Casa de Papel PARTE TRES – Money Heist SEASON THREE – OUT NOW

La Casa de Papel - Most Watched Series 2018

¡Parte TRES de la casa de papel!

A THIRD season of money heist!


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LA CASA DE PAPEL (The house of paper in Spanish) poorly renamed Money Heist in English is a record breaking Spanish television and Netflix show that wowed audiences for the first two seasons and rumours of the third season left us al scratching our heads thinking, ‘but how’?

The 2017 and 2018 two series, 22 one hour episode, long binge-worthy Spanish crime drama has global fans tuning into in their millions. The first two seasons are available on all regional variations of Netflix now but will there really be a third series? And if so, is that really a good idea?

Spanish crime series La Casa de Papel has proven to be this year’s most binge-able shows breaking records at every turn. In October 2018 it became the most watched non-English language series in History on Netflix.

Since it was added to the streaming site it has gained a huge global audience and is the most watched non-English series ever on Netflix across all regional variations.

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken language in the world (the most widely spoken according to some data analysis companies) and Spain is a country with a long and successful history of phenomenal movies, shows, writers and directors.

Spanish cinema is typically much more emotional, more political and more art house than Hollywood or even Bollywood movies. Spanish cinemas bring tears and long debates about love and politics among the theatre goers.

If you manage to make it to the end of season two of La Casa de Papel without crying and questioning the morals of the modern fiscal and judiciary systems then you might have some serious emotional and moral issues.

Why is La Casa de Papel so successful?

The story follows a group of people robbing the Spanish royal mint. Only they have morals, don’t hurt anyone and don’t steal from any one. They take nothing that belongs to another person.

The “Ethical Robbers” expose the police and governmental corruption and lack of ethics as they pull out every dirty trick in the book to kill those who make them look bad.

Through out the series the Italian language partizan song “Bella Ciao” which in real life found fame in the former Yugoslavia as a song of rebellion against oppressors and invading armies, plays frequently, the song is a song about a partizan fighting against fascism and far right politics and becoming a celebrated martyr when killed and buried on the top of a mountain under a beautiful flower. The song was very popular in Spain, Italy and Yugoslavia during the Second World War, Spanish Civil War and Yugoslav Genocides 1991-2001. To this day the song is sung in the Balkans as a symbol of strength in the face of overwhelming odds and against racism.

Sticking with Spain’s strong Balkan ties, the cast features Spanish and Serbian characters speaking in Spanish and Serbian with some hilarious lines if you speak both languages. (As our CEO does who translated with award winning performance).

The cast are very talented and lovable pulling on our moral and emotional heart strings right from the start.

With the world, especially Europe a decade in to a record levels of poverty and unemployment and right wing extremism at the highest levels since the Second World War the morals of the series could not ring more true.

Action, love, humour, morals, corruption, genius plans, plots and twists makes this a must watch and binge worthy show! If you only watch one series this year, make this the one!


What ever you do, do NOT watch this dubbed, the various language offerings when using voice over destroys he eloquently cast acting prowess of the cast.

This is perfect and at it’s best if you speak both Spanish and Serbian. However, for those who can’t speak Spanish at least, then subtitles are your only options.

But the mix of Spanish, Italian and Serbian is not well translated in the subtitles.

The three languages are blended well and in a powerful, funny and emotional way, if you speak all three. (again our CEO does, and was luckily on hand to explain the delightfully smart play with the languages).

Although good enough to enjoy still you will miss out on some of the more passionate and hilarious lines that are unfortunately missed. The English subtitles “water down” the emotional power of some scenes and tone down the bad language significantly. It is also a sad loss when the Serbian characters speak broken Spanish in a strong accent, that subtitles and voice overs do not reflect this. English is too restrictive in grammar and vocabulary. Spanish, Italian and Serbian are three of the world’s most emotive languages with only Hindi coming close when it comes to the ability to play with grammar and words in both emotional, romantic and bad language forms.

If you have a Spanish or Serbian friend, watch this with them! If not then just imagine the broken Spanish in your mind when reading the subtitles. A little less politically correct, a little less refined, a little bit more hilarious.

Season Three is OUT NOW!!!!!

Yes! La Case de Papel was renewed for a third season earlier this year. And is out NOW!

The series was originally produced for Spanish network Antena 3 but Season 3 will be billed as an exclusive Netflix Original.

Changes in producers and budgets and the fact that Season 2 did NOT end on a cliff hanger but a rather definitive moment, Season 3 sounds forced and contrived. This could be the down fall of what so far been a historically popular show.

Season three will have 8 episodes.

Originally supposed to be a mini-series, the season two final has left fans wanting more so Netflix delivered.

Speaking at the announcement last month, Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix said: “With over 100 European projects launching this year, we are committed to being a voice for European entertainment.”

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