Electric Vehicles

Paris bans e-scooters in referendum

Paris bans e-scotters in referendum FRANCE | PARIS | TRANSPORT | EV FACT BOX: The ban only applies to e-scooters that are hired, not privately owned vehicles.  In a public referendum with shocking results, (known as “British style” in Paris, named after the self-destructive 2016 Brexit referendum and failed 2014…

UK blackouts due to electric cars

UK Black outs due to electric cars as island nations still planing to ban petrol and diesel by 2030 Cars | Electric Cars | Technology | Climate Change | Renewable Energy  Fact Box:  The UK government has faced questions and concerns regarding the strength of the island nation’s energy infrastructure….

Nobe 100 – the electric car you can park vertically

More by Omar Bishara Introducing the Nobe 100, the electric car that you can park vertically on walls The Nobe 100 is designed to be easily upgradable, easy and cheap to repair and easy to recycle. A new electric car called the Nobe 100 has three wheels, can park vertically…