South Africa deploys army to parliament

  • By Saila Safwana

South Africa deploys army to parliament

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South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, 74, has approved the deployment of the South African army to parliament.

The deployment of the military is to maintain peace and order during the annual opening of the nation’s parliament for the new political season.

The military is to be stationed at parliament until 10th February 2017

Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s police and 441 members of the South African National Defence Force will be stationed at the parliament buildings until the 10th February 2017.

President Zuma confirmed his order yesterday in an e-mail statement.

Zuma is scheduled to deliver his annual opening address to parliament on Thursday the 9th February 2017. Last year’s annual opening address was disrupted by opposition parties inside and outside the assembly, a scene both the ruling regime and opposition don’t wish to see a repeat of this year.

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Very well written!