Claims of Secret meetings between Tony Blair and Donald Trump concerning his o the Middle-East

  • By Aisha Butt

Claims that Blair may become a White House advisor to Trump supported by secret meetings

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Tony Blair’s spokesman has refused to be drawn in on claims that the former prime minister is actively seeking to become US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy.

The refusal to confirm or refute such claims comes as Blair  attended a secret meeting at the White House on Wednesday with Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, who is married Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Blair is accused of war crimes in several nations across the Middle-East and Balkans

This is the third time the pair have met up since last September and on Saturday it was reported that the pair were discussing the possibility of Mr Blair becoming Mr Trump’s Middle East peace envoy.

The spokesman for Blair refused to comment on the meeting adding: “I’m not going to comment on private conversations.”

After leaving Downing Street, Mr Blair took the role of Middle East envoy for the Quartet Group comprising the EU, US, Russia and UN.

Blair stands accused of war crimes and genocide in several countries in the Middle-East including Iraq and Bosnia. Appointing Blair as anything in the Middle-East is always highly contentious. Calling the man who has invaded, bombed or destroyed most of the Middle-East a Middle-East ‘peace’ envoy is an irony somehow lost on the US.

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