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 iPhone 8 only 4 weeks away

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It has been a decade since Steve Jobs stood up on a stage and said, ‘Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along and changes everything.’


This year, Apple is hoping to change everything again.


We are  getting close to iPhone 8’s expected release date in early to mid September 2017 with many expecting a release as early as in four weeks’ time.


Accessory companies are leaking what’s believed to be a final design. This week, case manufacturer Nodus published renders of what’s believed to be a final device – with no Home button, and an unpacked surprise, possibly a fingerprint sensor on the side.


Nodus is so certain that this is what the final device will look like that it’s making it’s cases now based on these renders. Apple generally provides final device dimensions to accessory vendors just before the gadget goes on sale. The device is expected to have 5.1 inches of usable screen space – and a bottom strip of ‘virtual buttons’ on the touch screen.

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KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who has a long track record of accurate predictions of Apple products – predicts the phone will have a revolutionary 3D sensing camera for facial recognition, which will work with Apple’s new augmented reality software. Analysts suggested earlier this year that the phone would have a ‘revolutionary’ front-facing camera. This ‘3D’ sensor could be used to add people’s faces into apps or games, or for facial recognition.


Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says there may be three phones – two resembling the current iPhone 7, and one OLED model with a different form factor. The OLED version is expected to be significantly more expensive than the other two – and any previous iPhone. He writes, ‘For optimized promotional effect, we think Apple may unveil the three models simultaneously in September, though the launch date of the OLED version may trail that of LCD models, and supply tightness may not improve before the first half of 2018’

With inspiration cherry picking the highlights of rivals Google and Samsung it is expected that there will be an all screen display with bezels being a thing of the past. The home button is expected to go much has it has in many Android phones already.


Wireless charging is widely accepted as a new feature.


Rumoured features include projection or 3D capability along with curved screens due to the the purchase order of 70 to 95 million OLED screens Apple placed this year to Samsung.


Apple are are expected to release three version of their anniversary phone much as they did with the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C (later followed by the similar SE).


It is expected that the 7S and 7Plus with be accompanied by a higher end OLED version called either the iPhone 8, iPhone 10 or iPhone X with accessory manufacturers already churning out iPhone 8 cases with verticallay stacked multi lease cameras.


One thing is for sure, the iPhone 8 is going to cost you.


The iPhone 7 plus in 128 GB version came in at a little under $1’000/£1’000 (Apple operates a 1:1 USD:GBP exchange rate) with the 256 GB version coming in at $1’100.


The iPhone 8 is expected to cost around $1’500/£1’500. Approximated three times the cost of the average windows laptop computer.


The new iPhone is expected to cost more than the entry level MacBooks and iMacs in a revolutionary turn where our personal portable devices formerly known as mobile phones become our primary computing device.

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