Live UPDATE: New York City explosion | suspect in custody and first casualties pulled from subway wreck

  • By Usman Ali

 New York City Subway Explosion

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‌Police in New York City today Responded to an Explosion on the Subway.


An explosion during morning rush hour, Monday 11 December 2017 caused the authorities to evacuate one of the busiest transit hubs in New York City.


The Police Department said in a tweet that it was responding to reports of an explosion of unknown origin at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, where two subway stations, Times Square and Port Authority, are connected by a tunnel. The Port Authority bus station was also evacuated.


Commuters underground near 40th Street and 8th Avenue began to flee after a loud, muffled sound was heard in the Port Authority subway station.


One person is now in custody after he blast that echoed through the passageway connecting the Times Square and Port Authority subway stations, the Police Department said.

The suspect was in a critical condition at Bellevue Hospital. The Fire Department said so far four casualties as a direct result of the blast have been confirmed.


A senior city official who declined to be identified because of the continuing investigation said that the suspect had been wearing an explosive device and that the police had partially stripped him.
The subway stations were evacuated, and Port Authority bus station was also shut down.


The suspect was alone, and the device was reported to have gone off prematurely. The explosion was recorded on surveillance video, the city official said


Police officers, firefighters and Port Authority counterterrorism officials tried to clear commuters from the bus station and the west side of 8th Avenue as sirens blasted.


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority reported that 1, 2, 3, A, C, E, N, Q, R, W and 7 trains were skipping 42nd Street.

Its understood that that the explosion occurred during rush hour shortly after 07:30 Local Time. (Two hours ago).


Police have said investigations and evacuations are ongoing.


US embassies around the world were the scene of protests and riots over the weekend following controversial statements by Donald Trump.

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