Google bans Conservative party adverts for fake news as BBC and IMF call out Boris Johnson for lies in election promises

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Boris Johnson’s conservatives banned form Google ads for fake news as IMF and BBC call out Boris Johnson for lies

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party under fire for lies and fake news

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) have called the financial promises that both the Conservative party and Labour election manifestos make as ‘impossible’. The IMF states that its is a mathematical and fiscal impossibility for the promises to made in the manifestos to become a reality.

BBC Radio 4 called out the Conservative party for inaccurate mathematics over promises on new jobs and the NHS with many pointing out that the numbers included double counting of existing roles to be counted in the claims of new roles.

The BBC television also banned Boris Johnson from television interviews but reversed its decision for reasons not given following the London Bridge Terror Attack this week. Following Boris Johnson’s BBC interview, the BBC and Huffington Post called out Boris Johnson for lies about they UK’s political, financial and legal systems as well as lies about his own party and his opposition.

The lies included: 

  1. “Labour wants to disband MI5” – NOT TRUE – This is not a Labour policy and in fact Jeremy Corbyn has pledged more investment and funding for the security service.
  2. “Tories will build 40 new hospitals” – NOT TRUE – The Conservative financial pledges only cover the “seed money for a business plan” and not the actual hospitals or running or equipment or staffing costs and only covers 36 such seeds not 40. Boris insisted that in ten more years it would amount to seed money for 40 hospitals, again only seed money for the business plans not the actual hospitals, staff or equipment.
  3. There will be “no checks on goods” under Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal – NOT TRUE – Boris’s Brexit deal is in no material way different to Theresa May’s deal and is simply the same deal in a different word order. Northern Ireland would most definitely require checks, Brexit secretary Steve Barclay confirmed to the House of Commons that “minimal, targeted intervention” would be required on the new boarder in the Irish Sea, effectively splitting Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.
  4. Friday’s London Bridge Terror Attack was “due to leftie Labour government” – NOT TRUE – To try and use the murder of innocent civilians in this manner has angered many across the country. The attacker was actually Jailed, sentenced and released all under Conservative government rule and under Conservative government set laws and sentence guides.

The Conservative Party now faces bans on multiple platforms for advertising fake news following a threat from Twitter this month to take “decisive action” against the party for creating a fake ‘fact check’ account and disseminating false or misleading information.

It is note worthy that Boris Johnson was also called out in 2016 during the Brexit referendum for inventing untrue facts about the financial relationship between the UK and the EU and the finances of the NHS. Only days ago faith leaders from all of the UK’s most populous religious called for a boycott of the Conservative party by voters over racism and homophobia. The faith leaders also called for a boycott of the Labour party over racism also.

Google’s owners Alphabet inc confirmed to Al-Sahawat Times that at least 8 separate advertisement campaigns from the Conservative party were now banned due to “disinformation”.

One such campaign involved the Conservative party setting up a fake website called “” in which they pretended to be there Labour Party and published false and damaging election promises on behalf of their opposition. The move has been condemned by almost all world leaders. EU leaders have called the move “worse than dictatorial” and “dystopian beyond imagination”. The International Courts and Election Commission have both spoken out against the Conservative Party’s practises.

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