#Londonisopen | Peace and love triumphs in wake of London Attack

  • By Ismaeel Ali

#Londonisopen Shows love always triumphs

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The London Underground transport system always has little motivational quotes for the day hand written on public notice boards. A very pleasant touch as any resident, commuter or tourist will tell you.

#Londonisopen messages appear all over the capital in a heartwarming display of peace, love and resilience

Yet these message boards in the wake of yesterday’s terror attacks in the capital which left four dead and forty injured have become the home of the London symbol of peace, acceptance and love #Londonisopen.

A simple hashtag that symbolises that London is bigger and better than this. The loving hyper-city larger than a lot of countries will not be divided or decend in to hate, panic or fear.

London will carry on as always, with an open, welcoming embrace for all whom wish to accept it.

Whilst large parts of the country have descended into hate speeches, rants and racism following the attacks, London remains stronger and more positive than ever.

The message to the world… #Londonisopen

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