Genetically modified cyborg flies used as military and spy drones

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  • By Daud Mihail

 Genetically modified cyborg flies used as military and spy drones

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Tec research company Draper have created genteically modified cyborg dragonflies thay call ‘Dragonfl-eye’

Dragdonfly-eye is a living dragonfly with a tiny, ultra light weight solar-powered backpack that powers microscopic light emitting diodes that can control its movements using light pulses to trigger genetically modified navigation neurons in the fly’s brain.

By genetically engineering the “steering neurons” of the dragonfly, researchers hope to be able to use the insect to get to areas larger drones cannot reach or where inconspicuousness is essential.

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Dragonflies have been selected for their natural properties.

Dragonflies can fly at 30 mph accelerating at a staggering 9G.

Dragonflies are endurance machines, they regularly fly between countries and even continents transgressing a large range of climates and conditions.

The LEDs fitted to the flies allow for the real life living animals to be remotely controlled by human operators, pre-programmed software or artificial intelligence.

The cyborg flies have a wide range of application, the creators say they are excited to seem used in recon missions, search and rescue and re-pollination campaigns.

However there is a huge interest from military and intelligence agencies around the world.

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