London Met police kill suspect in shop

  • By Zakiya Afzani

 A 20 year old black male has been killed by London Met police in a shop in East London

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A 20 year old black male was followed on foot by plain clothes and uniformed officers on Kingsland Road, Hackney, East London at 01:45 Saturday morning.

The officers followed the man into a shop.

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The man was followed after failing to stop at a traffic stop.

CCTV footage from the shop was released on social media with the hash tag #JusticeForRash which has gone viral over the last 24 hours.

The footage shows offi ears uniformed and non uniformed physically assaulting the man and an altercation occurring in the ground where officers seem to cover the man’s mouth and throat.

The man received first aid at the scene and was taken to the London Royal Hospital, without being formally arrested. The man was pronounced dead at 02:55, 70 minutes after police followed him into the shop.

The met police has come under fire for many years over its treatment of black, Muslim and mixed race suspects and witnesses.

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