There’s an app for that! Meet the man bringing apps out of Virtual Reality and into Actual Reality

ZRAK | Al-Sahawat Times
  • By Volta D’Emanuale

There’s a ZRAK for that!

ZRAK | Al-Sahawat Times


We have all heard the now infamous Apple saying when iPhone first launched the App Store…”There’s an App for that”. Meaning that no matter what you need Apple has it covered all under one roof with and endless array of partners in the form of Apps.


Well now a company from London has taken it one step further… “There’s a ZRAK for that!”


“Solutions to everything ,opportunities for everyone”, ZRAK is a global firm based in London with a unique Modus Operandi.


What makes ZRAK.. well, ZRAK?


What makes ZRAK stand out is that the corporation is capable of almost everything you need.


iPhone had all your apps in one place. Zrak has all your companies in one place.


Zrak’s carefully selected global partners transcend all industries and sectors. ZRAK satisfies the client needs, whatever and wherever they may be.


By partenering with industry leaders in each field, ZRAK act like a living iPhone able to supply their ‘apps’ on demand. Industry leading services, with unique rates, all in one place without the need to search tirelessly through millions of global firms to find your solution.


Google will give you millions of results based on who pays the most to advertise to be at the top.


Comprison sites will give you hundreds of often irrelevant results you spend endless time searching through, based on who pays the most to be on that list.


Money can’t buy you place with Zrak and nor do they provide a list of ‘results’.


Zrak sources the best partners for the job and form permanent synergies with them so no matter when or where the best suited solution at the best price is there for you, selected personally, by a trained expert human, not an algorithm, for you.


ZRAK boats a 96% client satisfaction rate.


The ZRAK system offers you a guarantee on your service without having to risk working with someone you have never heard of or used before.

Al-Sahawat Times | Gotse Shteryovski Global Chief Executive Officer of ZRAK

Al-Sahawat Times | Gotse Shteryovski Global Chief Executive Officer of ZRAK ©

ZRAK globally is involved and delivers all legal services, Business services, Real estate and investments, investments in projects, loans, financial services, assets and wealth management, banking, finance and capital markets, restructuring and insolvency, private equity, IT, tax, offshore management, Corporate negotiation and international Government contacts and negotiations world wide.


Styles as a symbol of trust, ZRAK is able to deliver services in all industries, globally. Simplifying your business and personal life all in one place.


Zrak is formed on a circle of trust and synergy. For both partners and end users alike.


Al-Sahawat Times | Gotse Shteryovski Global Chief Executive Officer of ZRAK

Al-Sahawat Times | Gotse Shteryovski Global Chief Executive Officer of ZRAK ©


A word from ZRAK’s CEO:

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