Russia test Nuclear missiles as global concerns about Trump deepen

  • By Ajiša Dragičović

Russia test Nuclear missiles as global concerns about Trump deepen

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Russia has held nuclear missile tests as global nuclear tension reaches worrying new heights over concerns about Trump.


Russia has tested several nuclear-capable missiles and released video of some of the launches.


President Vladimir Putin pressed the launch button for four missiles in the military training exercise, the Kremlin said.


Defence ministry video showed a Topol long-range missile, Tu-160 Blackjack bomber and Tu-95 Bear bomber.

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The missiles would be capable of reaching all parts of mainland USA.


Trump jas repeatedly threatened Norh Korea with nuclear attack and has made multiple attempts to end an agreement with Iran in which Iran give up th production of nuclear arms.


Trump has left UNESCO citing his support for Israel and vowed to never recognise Palestine.


Trump’s nuclear threads to the Middle East and East Asia have seen many nations testing their nuclear equipment recently. In particular many countries have been testing their intercontinental missiles with ranges capable of reaching mainland USA.


With US psychologists expressing concerns for Trump. It seems no country is willing to take the risk of not being prepared for the worst case scenario as long as Trump remains in power.

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