20 year old charged with attempted assassination of Theresa May

  • By Aneesa Ibrahim

 20 year old remanded over attempted assassination of Theresa May

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A 20 year old male planned to bomb Downing Street’s gates before attacking Theresa May with a knife and suicide vest inside Number 10, Westminster court heard.


The 20 year old has been charged with preparing acts of terrorism and was remanded in custody during a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.



The 20-year-old appeared alongside anther male, 21, who is accused of trying to join a banned group and preparing acts of terror.


The 21 year old Londoner of Ballards Lane, in Finchley, north London, is also charged with assisting the 20 year old in terror planning.


The 20 year old male of Ombersley Road, in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham, was remanded in custody.



The pair, who were arrested in armed police raids in London and Birmingham last week, will appear at the Old Bailey on 20 December.


MI5 head Andrew Parker briefed Cabinet ministers with details of the alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister on Tuesday.


It came as the security agency revealed it had prevented nine terror attacks in the UK in the past year, although let seven attacks through in London alone.


Downing Street is protected by armed police officers and separated from the public by fortified gates.


Security measures were introduced in the 1970s and were further increased in the 1980s during war with Ireland.


In 1991, the IRA launched a mortar bomb attack on Number 10 and the device landed in the back garden.


The then prime minister, John Major, was present during the mortar attack and was lucky to have survived.



The UK and Ireland reached a peace treaty in 1998 which is now under threat due to Brexit tensions over the UK occupation of Norrhern Ireland.

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