Turkey calls for international sanctions against The Netherlands

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  • By Mustafa Kemal Culibrk

 Turkey’s President Erdogan has called for international sanctions against The Netherlands

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Diplomatic tensions between Turkey and The Netherlands reached boiling point this week as Erdogan accused countries in the West of “Islamophobia” and demanded international organisations impose sanctions on the Netherlands following The Netherland’s decision to block Turkish diplomats and ministers from entering the country and forcibly escorting Turkey’s Family minister to the German boarder.

“We will teach them international diplomacy” ~ President Erdogan 

Turkey is holding a referendum on 16 April on whether to turn from a parliamentary to a presidential republic, more akin to the United States.


If successful, it would give sweeping new powers to the president, allowing him or her to appoint ministers, prepare the budget, choose the majority of senior judges and enact certain laws by decree.


Most western leader have called Erdogan a dictator and tyrant for wanting such powers, despite the fact the voters are being asked if they want this or not and despite the fact that the new powers are simply following the American model operated in the USA.

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