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Donald Trump sentenced to death in absentia

  By Eesmaeel Saleh   Donald Trump handed Death Sentence Advertise here from only ORM 100 [$275 USD] North Korean state run media has said that Donald Trump deserves the death penalty for insulting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.   The outlet then goes on to heavily imply that Trump…

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Video | Donald Trump has Swastikas thrown at him during speech

By Hassan Babrul  British, Jewish, Comedian and Prank Star Simon Brodkin evades UK and US secret services to throw golf balls painted with swastikas at US President Donald Trump during speech  Al-Sahawat Times | Ethical Global News from Oman and UAE | Donate HERE This story is available on: APPLE…

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Universal Basic Salary should be a Human Right

By Juaquim Santos  Universal Basic Salary Universal Basic Salary: Finland sets the bar and shows the world how salary for all works.   “Finnish people are the only ones willing to give a hundred euros so that your neighbour doesn’t get fifty,” Sini Martinnen says.   “That kind of atmosphere…

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